Can you download paid Android Apps for Free ?

Android Phones are now in fashion and in cities, almost everyone have a smartphone and majority of the smartphone users are of Android, and that being said, android apps are the reason behind this huge success of Android, but the problem is most of the awesome Android apps are not available for free. You need to pay a price to download them to your phone. But what if you have no budget to buy an app but still want it on your phone? Its possible, and this article is about the apps that can do it for you.

How to Download Paid Apps for Free

Google Playstore is not the only app store for Android, there are many unofficial app stores available for Android that lets you download all the apps for free of cost. Below is the list of apps that does it the best way.

1) Blackmart AlphaBlackmart alpha is an alternative playstore through which you can download any app that is found on play store for free. The working of Blackmart alpha is, its just the google playstore but the app works like an APK Downloader for all the apps, so you can easily download the APK file of the Paid app and install it on your phone for free. Blackmart alpha also got all the free and paid games of Playstore.

2) TweakboxTweakbox is a new app that is giving a good competition to the Blackmart Alpha, It works completely like playstore, It will install the app you want on your phone for free (All paid apps included too) But the database of this app is not that big as Blackmart, there are selected apps which most of the users are looking for are requested for.


Downloading the Paid android apps for free is completely possible and the listed apps are the best way to get any app for your phone without paying a penny. If you know of more apps that are better than the stated apps comment it below.