3528 LED Strip Connector 8mm 2 Pin (5 PCS Terminal) With 20 Gauge Extension Wire 2 Conductor UL Listed (9.8 Feet/3 Meter), DIY Both Strip to Power Lead or Board to Board Jumper,NON-WATERPROOF

The Extension Board is perfectly crafted for continuous and heavy usage. Connect more than 3 devices at a time. Made of top quality material to perform long. If you use lots of devices that run on electricity then one wall socket is not enough for you, you need an extension board. If your charger cord is not long enough and you want to use the device at some place far then you can have an extension board.

There are two types of extension board one in which The cord can be rolled into the extension itself. and the other one is in which the cord cannot be wounded into the extension. You can purchase any one of them as per your need.

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Product Description:

1.LED Strip Connector Package Include

5 PCS LED Strip Connector Terminal 8mm 2 pin non-waterproof
9.84 Feet / 3 Meter 20 Gauge 2 Conductor Extension Wire UL Listed
1 PCS User Manual

2.Special Benefit you can get with it.

You will be no more limited by distance between strip light to power supply or dimmer. This connector allow you to cut any length wire according to project’s actual requirement, then attach wire to connector easily without stripping insulation.

With 2 connector and a wire, you are able to diy a strip-to-strip-jumper wire in order to extend strip light with any angle or direction. The length of this jumper wire can be decided by you fully.

No more worry strip light moving out of connector, the connector’s teeth will pierce and grip the PCB tightly.

3.Tools needed to use

A pliers only

4.How to use (2 mode)

4-1 How to make a Strip-To-Strip-Bridge connector ?

  1. Cut a wire for the length you want
  2. Insert wire into connector’s wire end
  3. Clamp cap down
  4. repeat step 1-3 to add another connector to the wire

4-2 How to make a Strip-To-Power connector

  1. Cut a wire for the length you want
  2. Insert wire into connector’s wire end
  3. Clamp cap down

5.Technical Data

Working Voltage: <=24V
Max Current of Pin: 5A
Pin Qunatity: 2 pin
Workable Strip Light Width: 8mm
Workable PCB Thickness:0.2~0.35 mm
Working Ambient TEMP.: -20~50℃
Heat Resistance:105℃

This LED Strip Connector Kit allow you to DIY both strip-to-strip-bridge and strip-to-power-lead connector wire that is up to 3 meter long
Clear Cap of the LED Connector that will not mask light of first LED. Will not leave dark area in your lighting space, make your lighting effect uniform
Strip Light Connector No need stripping wire insulation before connection (pierce-to-contact), really allow user to insert & press to connect with a ‘CLICK’sound. Connect your led strip to power or dimmer without any soldering, just a pliers needed
Innovative fixing bar and piercing contact design of our Strip to Wire Connector will grip strip light tightly,never worry strip light or wire moving out of connector. Led Strip Lights Connectors Applicable for SMD3528 / SMD3014 / SMD2835 / SMD2016 strip light in different LED density ranging 30~120 LEDs per meter.And workable to strip light with 3M VHB red adhesive tape
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE—-This 2 pin connector are sold with a full 30 days money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we’ll refund your purchase price immediately. If you have any difficult of install this Led strip connector , just contact us at any time , We will answer any question for you , until your issue has been solved.

If you have any doubts about this product, you can make a comment below, we try to solve the user questions as soon as possible.

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