6 Pack Oral-B Replacement Brush Head Protection Cover For Electric Toothbrush | Convenient For Travel And More Sanitary To Keep Germs Dust Away For Better Health By Soniangia

We all brush our teeth regularly every day but the problem is how properly we are able to brush our teeth. The problem with the traditional brush is that it’s not easy to reach some spots of our teeth that we miss out in our everyday routine, it creates the problem in your teeth in long run. if you are worried about your teeth and searching for a more easy alternative to the normal tooth brush, here we are with the answer.

An Electric toothbrush is all that you need to initiate taking care of your teeth in the correct direction. An electric toothbrush makes the brushing more fun and interesting.

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Product Description:

Compatible Modes:

Oral-B Precision Clean Replacement Brush Heads
Oral-B FlossAction Replacement Brush Heads
Oral-B CrossAction Replacement Brush Heads
Oral-B Pro White Replacement Brush Heads
Oral-B Sensitive Clean Replacement Brush Heads
Oral-B Ortho Replacement Brush Heads
Oral-B Stage Power Replacement Brush Heads
Oral-B Power Tip Replacement Brush Heads

Choose Us, Choose A Healthy Teeth and white Smile!

WIDTH COMPATIBILITY – The Toothbrush heads Hygienic Protective Cover / Cap Fits Entire Lineup Of Oral B Series Round Toothbrush Replacement Heads
WASHABLE & REUSABLE – Very Easy To Wash When Needed and You Can Reuse It Over and Over Again, Have the protection you need and save money at the same time
HEALTH & SAFETY – Offer well-rounded protection to your brush heads Doesn’t get contaminated when traveling. Always makes your brush heads clean
WELL-ROUNDED PROTECTION – The Cover Offer Well-Rounded Protection on your brush heads hygienic and dust-freeļ¼Œthe Travel cap hygienic storage will help prevent your brush heads from exposed to germs, bacteria and dust, for better health
ORAL-B TOOTHBRUSH HEADS NOT INCLUDED – You will only receive the covers, not the brushes

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