7TECH Compact Travel Umbrella Windproof, Bluetooth Speaker Folding Umbrellas for women,Ergonomic Handle, Auto Open/Close (Black)

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Product Description:

“The high-tech smart umbrella you cannot lose.
Item Specifications:
Color: Black pink
Quantity: 1
Product weight: AboutInstructions for use:
1. Press the circle key to turn on or off the machine, press the circle key lightly to pause,Answer the phone and Hang up the phone.
2. When turn on it, the sound is reduced while press the triangle key on the circle key. When playing music, pressing this key lightly is the last one.
3. Press the triangle key under the circle key for a long time, the sound becomes louder. When the music is played, it is the next song to be pressed lightly.
4. One side of the handle is provided with a memory card Jack and a charging port which can be inserted into the Android flat head cable for charging and the other side is provided with an earphone connector.
O Permeable water surface: the cloth is treated with nanometer technology, the water droplets fall rapidly when exposed to water lotus leaf effect and the thickened coating can resist the attack of high wind and heavy rain with the water pressure up to 1MP.
Innovative hand grip: according to ergonomic design, it is using high imitation resin material which is more comfortable and powerful than ordinary material.
Frame windproof design: the umbrella frame only has the aerodynamic simulation design for the frame structure completely conforms to the wind-resistant model so the quality is durable.
Automatic handle: fully automatic one-button open and close function with one-handed free retraction and release to give you a comfortable experience.
Exquisite umbrella cap: effective prevention of rain water corrosion for simple and practical atmosphere.
Sturdy rivets: thicken and wrap terminals without rusting to ensure strong links.
Detail quality: hand stitched for never changed and we double meticulous to do every detail in the place you can not see.
★Automatic opening and closing: one touch automatic opening and closing umbrella for easy to use umbrella. In the event of sudden heavy rain or insolation, easy operation can be faced. It is more stylish and aesthetically pleasing than manual folding.
★Umbrella Bluetooth speaker: The umbrella base is equipted with a bluetooth speaker on the buttom ,after opening the Bluetooth(bluetooth equitment name: Peng Ming) link with the umbrella, the music can be played.(Please refer to the instructions for use.)
★High- strength waterproof and windproof umbrella:the umbrella cloth is made of black coated high density nano impact cloth . It can effectively prevent water droplets from seeping in .the strengthens black steel shaft bone and Al umbrella bone can resist strong storm, without bending, breaking or turning. the ultra anticorrosion nickel coating so that the umbrella bone will not rust absolutely.
★Rain&Sun Travel Umbrella: Handle with honeycomb design for anti-skid effect and hand feel is very good. so as to hold for a long time will not feel tired For travel and everyday. sun protection and cooling nano layer which can effectively prevent UV damage to the skin in sunny days.
★100% Quality Guaranteed: Each Automatic umbrella with bluetooth speaker is fully tested before leaving the factory. We are confident in our products and we guarantee the service life of each product.If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

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