BESTEK 5-Outlet Wall Tap Surge Protector Power Strip with Swivel Outlets, 3 USB and 1 Type-C Charging Ports, 900 Joule Surge Suppression, Top Phone Holder

The Extension Board is perfectly designed for continuous and heavy usage. Connect more than 6 devices at a time. Made of top quality material to last long. If you use lots of electronic devices then one wall socket is not enough for you, you need an extension board. If your charger wire is not long enough and you want to use the device at some place far then you can have an extension board.

There are two types of extension board one in which The cord can be rolled into the extension itself. and the other one is in which the cord cannot be wounded into the extension. You can purchase any one of them as per your need.

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Product Description:

This outlet extender has 5-Outlet in total with 1875W capacity; 2 rotatable outlets allows for convenient angles to plug equipment into without interfering with each other, and create more space for large adapters
Integrate with 2 (0~2.4A) intelligent matching and 1 (1 A) USB ports, and 1 (3A) type-c port, charge all types of your devices easily and fast. The 2 intelligent matching ports can automatically detect your devices and provide them with the most efficient and fastest charging speed
Equipped with a master switch on the bottom which is also an overload switch to protect the high-end equipment connected. This wall mount surge protector also provides full range of protection in over voltage, short circuit, and over current. Fire-retardant shell prevents open fire within 750°
900 joule wall mount surge suppressor protect devices against lightning and other surge factors, especially suitable for PC, TV, refrigerator, laptop, printer, home theater system, entertainment system
Phone holder on the top for better practicability when charging your smartphone; Protected and grounded LEDs alert user to running status of this USB outlet; A screw to fix it stable on the standard wall outlet

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