BLUBOON Shuttlecock Lighting Birdies Glow in The Dark LED Badminton Balls for Indoor and Outdoor Activities (Color, 5 Pcs)

The best Shuttle Cock to play badminton game are mentioned here. The recovery speed is just 0.02 seconds when smashed. It is the most flimsy shuttlecocks you will ever come across. This shuttlecock is designed in a way to soak up maximum damage and long durability. The combination of closed feather system makes shuttlecock flight performance four to five times more durability than an stock nylon shuttlecock.

If you are looking to buy a one-time product that can last up to 20-30 games then a set of these would be a wonder. The Shuttle Cock is the perfect fit for any normal storage so that you don’t have to buy any storgae for it.

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Product Description:

Item size: 90*63mm.
On-off switch, IC control.
Good durability and high bounce.
Can be light up 20 hours, badminton emphasis to be used in the dark or at night.
LED lights installed in the back of the cork, with On/Off switch inside.
Net Weight: 35g
This LED badminton set is perfect for playing in the dark or at night as well as in the daytime just makes badminton even more fun for kids or adults
The light shuttlecocks are very bright and durable, alternating colors and the batteries could last 20 hours
The led badminton shuttlecock is not flimsy, plastic cork base very soft and super bouncy
Lights turn on by a switch on the inside of birdies, so you can’t easily shut it off during playing
Birdies are flying every way in their bright colorful blinking glory. The kids and adults can playing midnight badminton so does everyone have fun

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