Car Charger with 4 USB Ports and 3 Cigarette Lighter Sockets, SONRU 100W 12V-24V Car Power Splitter USB Adapter with On/Off Switch and Voltage Display for iPhone Galaxy

Keeping your mobiles charged while on travel is a hectic task many times as we all face the issue of charge getting {over|exhausted|dead| in the most important times. Keeping a Car Charger could prove to be a lifesaver and keep your mobile switched on throughout your car journey.

here is an awesome car charger product that does all the work perfectly and has no known bugs in the design.

Car Charger with 4 USB Ports and 3 Cigarette Lighter Sockets, SONRU 100W 12V-24V Car Power Splitter USB Adapter with On/Off Switch and Voltage Display for iPhone Galaxy

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Product Description:

Why is the SONRU cigarette car charger the best choice?

* 4 USB charging ports of 2.4A each output power – automatically deliver the optimal charge current and support 4 different devices simultaneously, total output of the USB sockets is 3.6A.
* 3 cigarette lighter sockets – each 100W for each outlet and a total of 3 sockets, however, can not exceed the 100W
* 3 independent switches – control 3 cigarette lighter sockets, so it is no longer necessary when connecting another cable
* Safety System Protection – With overcurrent, overvoltage and short-circuit protection, the built-in fuse of the car charger would turn off the power in time to protect your car.
* Interchangeable 10A fuse – integrated PPTC 10A fuse and a protective circuit in the charger
* Mobile charging head – which enormously increases the range to more areas in the car
* LED power indicator – to check whether the connection is successful has been manufactured
* Suitable for 12 ~ 24V voltage in the vehicles such as your car

Product Specification
Color: Red
Input: 12V-24V
Cigarette Lighter Power: 100W (100W Max for each outlet)
USB Port Power: Max 5V / 2.4A for each USB port, Max combined output of USB ports is 3.6A.
Cable Length: 60cm
Size: 95x88x34cm
Weight: 200g
Safety fuse: 10A
Material: scratch-resistant ABS

* Turn off the switch before you start the engine
* Only for 12 ~ 24V vehicles
* 3 cigarette lighter Can not light a cigarette
【3 Cigarette Lighter Sockets】*** Each cigar lighter socket can provide a maximum 100W power (total power of the 3 sockets can not exceed 100W), enough for simultaneous charging a variety of devices such as cameras, GPS, heated seats, vacuum cleaners and other small appliances
【4 smart USB ports】*** 4 USB charging ports with smart IC can automatically provide the optimal charge current, support 4 different devices at the same time (5V/2.4A for each port, maximum 3.6A for all USB ports)
【LED Voltage Indicator】*** The LED indicates real time voltage to monitor the car battery. 【3 independent switches and 1 main power switch】*** Simply start charging your devices with the on/off switches. It is no longer necessary to connect and disconnect the cable
【Full Protection】*** Designed for full protection, built-in 10A fuse and protection circuits in the charger, provide full protection from overheating, over charging, over current, overload, over voltage, etc.
【Movable Charging Head】*** Equipped with a 60cm cable, make sure the devices in the rear seat can also be charged. We offer 3 month free return and lifetime service, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems or questions, we will be happy to solve your problem within 24 hours

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