CAT w/Binocular BIRDWATCHING STATUE Gray Cement 13″ Sitting Kitten Sculpture GRAY Cast CEMENT GARDEN Outdoor Decor

We have all seen and used binoculars, but not many of us actually take the initiative and buy one. This is partly because we don’t have a specific use for the Binoculars and find the need to buy one only when we are on a trip, that too on a scenic spot. But there are numorous people who are very serious about their binoculars, among them sports lovers, nature enthusiasts and bird watchers are some. These users are clear about the specifications they need while buying a device. But what about the newbie user? we are here to help those with our Binocular suggestion below. Its a well tested and examined product on which you can lay your trust on.

CAT w/Binocular BIRDWATCHING STATUE Gray Cement 13″ Sitting Kitten Sculpture GRAY Cast CEMENT GARDEN Outdoor Decor

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Product Description:

These are NOT mass produced; time and effort are taken for production, staining and packing.  PLEASE expect at least one week production time and one week delivery time. We appreciate your patience and know you will be thrilled with your purchase. Each casting is hand finished using an antiquing stain that permanently changes the exterior surface to one of the colors listed above.  Due to the nature of this process, each casting will have subtle variations in the color, giving your statue an individual and unique character.  As your statue ages, it will develop it’s own darkening – or patina. Garden statues are made in the USA of a copyrighted poured cement mixture.  These can be used in most any climate.  From conception to completion, our products are considered pieces of art.  Proper care will only extend the amount of enjoyment you receive from owning these unique stone statues.  The manufacturer of this statuary is also a licensee of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, assuring you pure quality and workmanship. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!12.5″L x 8″W x 6″D – eEarthExchange is the ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER
Poured Cast Cement – Made in the USA at time of order – NO RESIN
Ships UPS with insurance
Please expect AT LEAST 1 WEEK production time

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