Deep Clean Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush for Whitening Teeth, DuraCare Smart 5 Brushing Modes Portable Electric Toothbrush, Holds a charge for Minimum 10 weeks, Ultra Quiet Perfect for Travel, Black

We all brush our teeth repeatedly every day but the question is how efficiently we are able to brush our teeth. The issue with the traditional brush is that it’s hard to reach some corners of our teeth that we miss out in our everyday routine, it stars the problem with your teeth in long run. if you are worried about your teeth and looking for a better alternative to the normal tooth brush, here we are with the answer.

An Electric toothbrush is all that you need to start taking care of your teeth in the right direction. An electric toothbrush makes the brushing more fun and interesting.

Deep Clean Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush for Whitening Teeth, DuraCare Smart 5 Brushing Modes Portable Electric Toothbrush, Holds a charge for Minimum 10 weeks, Ultra Quiet Perfect for Travel, Black

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Product Description:

After months of research and development, the realisation of a vision to provide the most durable and Sonicare comparable effectives possible. Our product boasts durability 4x higher than *other toothbrushes.

*The benchmark to which other sonic toothbrushes aspire to reach.


Ultra Quiet:

Due to our patented power transmitting system, it reduces the annoying operation noise to an average of 46.8 decibels, which lows than most of other electric toothbrushes.

Reliable Quality:

Comes with JLEM brushless sonic maglev motor, PC+ABS reinforcement shell and undergoes more strict quality controls than Philips.

Easy to Use:

This unit is very convenient and easy to use. It is so easy to use that even you kids can use it. It is safe for all ages including children, teens and adults. As well as it being easy to use it is also portable making it perfect for travel.

Multi Protect:

A combination of 10 safety features that work together to provide ultimate protection for your devices and most importantly you.


Why do we have to need strong waterproof ability?

Because you use the electric brush in the humid environment. If the brush cannot resist water well, it is easy to get malfunction because of water invasion usually after about 6~12 months.

What is high frequency good for?

High frequency sweeping motions drive fluid deep into the tight spaces between your teeth and along your gum line, resulting in a cleaner, healthier mouth.Proven to brighten your smile in just one week!

Do I really need so many brushing modes?

It doesn’t hurt to have more options for brushing and whitening teeth. If you need to focus on your favorite mode, our brush can remember the mode that you use last time and activate automatically when you switch on the brush.

A Future-Proofed Iconic: Designed with the most up to date technology, it features a powerful sonic maglev motor and patented power transmitting system, 4 hours ultra-fast recharging Li-ion battery, 5 modes operation and smart vibration timer to make it much more fun to use.
Clean Your Teeth Like a Dentist: Unlike a manual toothbrush, Monolith DuraCare uses powerful Sonic technology to clean teeth with up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute. Densely-packed, high-quality bristles and the specially curved DuPont Tynex tip makes reaching the teeth at the back of your mouth a breeze. Gum Care mode goes beyond teeth to improve gum health by delivering soothing micro-bursts into tissue to improve circulation and overall oral health.
Safer for Longer: Forget slow and cumbersome inductive charging. One fully charge in just 4 hours with a compatible Quick Charge Device for minimal 70 days use. Low battery reminding, auto shut off after full charge features would be compatible with your phone charger, laptop or any other device that provides power through USB. Secure waterproof technology allow it to be used during shower or bathing.
Smart and Convenient: Automatic timer and quadpacer features help ensure dental professional recommended brushing time and a consistent clean throughout your teeth. Portable design convenient to use at home or traveling.
100% Money Back Guarantee: Try it; if you don’t love it simply return it for a full refund, No questions asked. We answers all inquiries within 24 hours. We provide 2 years Warranty with every purchase so your covered now and in the future

If you have any queries about this product, you can leave a comment below, we try to solve the user questions as soon as possible.

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