Deepoon E3-P 2.5K 3D VR Headset Immersive Virtual Reality Glasses The World First-Ever Binocular Laser Tracking System-Polaris

Science has changed the Human lifestyle and made every work easier than it used to be before a decade. One of the most Mind Blowing discovery in this decade is a Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality which only was a concept from soo many years, at last, was launched in the market and recieved a big response from the fans. You can use the Virtual Reality Headset to watch the videos on your phone in a VR mode.

There are 100s of Virtual Reality headset available online which starts from very cheap price to VRs that everyone feel is bit expensive. Today we are About to discuss about a Virtual Reality headset that does a great quality of work and also comes in the budget of all of the users. If you like this Product you can buy it by clicking on buy Now Button.

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Product Description:

Product Description
The E3 is upgraded from the previous E2, which shared 80% of China’s domestic VR market. As the E3 project manager said, this new helmet weighs less than 300 grams and can operate with most computers ranging from low-end laptop to high-end PC. This important change makes it much easier for people to experience the VR technology.

The most fantastic part of E3 lies in that it’s equipped with E-Polaris laser positioning system. The E-Polaris is the world’s first binocular laser positioning solution. It enables all-round room-scale positioning and can support more than one players simultaneously. According to Deepoon’s official data, the largest positioning area can reach to 5m*5m. Owing to the binocular laser positioning technology, the number of receivers on VR helmets is reduced by 60% compared with Vive so that the weight of E3 is stunning.

Besides, the built-in contents of E3 are much enriched. This new product can support Steam VR, VRonline as well as Win10 VR platform. Users can enjoy contents from all Deepoon platforms which include 3Dbobo, Deepoon all-in-one system and Deepoon Assistant.★THE UPGRADED VERSION SHINECON VR –We are the source factory of VR SHINECON. After two years of research, development and adjustment, we not only reduce the volume and weight , but also pay more attention to internal component. We are constantly conquering various barriers to obtain the most accurate fitting of parts.
★PROTECTABILITY — The soft sponge on the inside of Our VR SHINECON Headset protects your screen or phone case from getting scratched!Use peace of mind.
★ERGONOMIC DESIGN–Ergonomic T-shaped straps with VR balance the stress on heads and reduce 30% pressure around your eyes, face and head,no dizziness and fatigue when you using this 3D VR viewing glasses. Adjustable and fit for different sizes of heads. (Both adults and children) Built-in removable,soft leather protector treat your face like a baby’s skin, appropriate cutout for nose that helps you breathe comfortably.
★HIGH COMPATIBILITY — VR headset/goggles for almost all 4.7-6.0inch IOS Android cell phones.
★SIMPLE TO USE — 1. get 3D Video(left-right format)/App Downloaded & Play(just search “VR” on Apple App Store/Google Player, you will find limitless VR Apps to choose, recommended: Youtube/Veer/Fulldrive); 2. put cell phone into the VR glasses, wear it and adjust headband, PD & OD to get the best 3D viewing effect. You will then step into a new world with endless fun to explore.

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