E-Bro 3.5mm Motorcycle Helmet Speaker Headphones with Volume Control + Extension Cable for MP3 GPS Excellent

Helmet with speakers are the most loved bike accessory around the world. A helmet plays the most important part while riding a motobike and if it is equipped with speakers than you can enjoy your bike ride. The Helmet is designed in such a way that it relaxes your ear and maintain a sound rhythm.

This unique helmet can be used with any motobike. It is padded with high-quality pads inside the helmet to give the user a invariable feel while journy. The soft, padded speakers attach to the inside of your helmet by hook and loop fasteners pads (included), have a volume controller as well as a microphone which make you more reliable to use.

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Product Description:


Connection: 3.5mm jack.

Attached cable length: 92cm (36″).

Cable extension length: 94cm (37″).

Total cable length: 186cm (73″).

Color: black.

Package size: 2 speakers.

Size:5.8cm x 5.8cm.

Package include:

1 x Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Headphone
If you have an MP3 attached to your motorbike, get great sound whilst you’re on the move with this pair of helmet speakers.
The soft, padded speakers attach to the inside of your helmet by Velcro pads (included), have a volume dial controller as well as an extra long section of cable which connects via the jack should you need more length.
Connector Type:3.5mm Stereo

If you have any confusions about this Helmet speaker, you can post a comment below, we try to solve the user questions as soon as possible.

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