ELP Mini Desk Electric Vacuum Cleaner PC Keyboard,TV Satellite Boxes,DVD,Kitchen Stove,Cooking top etc (Li-Battery)

Keeping the home or things clean is a very frustrating job to do, and no one of us love to put our valuable time in just trying to clean our room or your things, Vaccum Cleaners are a life saver for those who don’t like to regularly work hard in order to keep things clean. A great vacuum cleaner can ease your work multi-folds and get you lots of productive time, additionally they also do a great work in cleaning anything perfectly sucking away all the dust. Today we are about to discuss about a very famous Vaccum cleaner as mentioned in the title.

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Product Description:

Littler vacuum for cleaning keyboards and also kids play

Vacuum cleaner for glitter,small spots,storage bag for clothers

Handheld vacuums for DVD players,microwave vets,cooking top etc.

Size: 8.2×5.39×2.36in Input Voltage: 5V Rated Power: 3W Net weight:0.43 pound Noise: <75dBGreat to use on electronics portable vacuum cleaner
Easy and very handy
Easy to clean filter,pops out to rub the dust off or wash it lay to dry and reuse
Strong power suck for glitter or small spots
Perfact for cleaning keyboard,car,kitchen counter top,work space,storage bag etc.

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