Feigo USB Computer Vacuum Cleaner Portable Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner for Desktop/Laptop/PC

Keeping the floor or things clean is a very boring task to do, and no one of us enjoy to waste our valuable time in just trying to clean our home or your things, Vaccum Cleaners are a stress relief for those who don’t like to frequently work hard in order to keep things clean. A quality vacuum cleaner can reduce your work multiple times and get you more of spare time, additionally they also do a nice job in cleaning anything perfectly sucking away all the impurities. Today we are about to talk about a very famous Vaccum cleaner as mentioned in the title.

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Product Description:

Feigo USB Mini portable computer vacuum cleaner is updated designed vacuum cleaner for the computer, desktop and car, can be plugged straight into USB port without requiring external power source.

Product features :
●Electric current<700mA
●Item weight: 5.7oz
●USB cable: 35inch
●Motor speed:11000r/min
●Item size: 7.7*5.4*2.4inch
●Package size:6*6*2.55inch

Package Included:
-USB computer vacuum cleaner
-Gift box

● This product can’t be soaked in water.
● Please do not demount it if you are not a professional engineer.
● Do not operate the vacuum cleaner without a filter net placed.
● Prohibited in inhaling sharp objects, heating objects, such as glass, carbon fire, etc.

Suggest: Keep the nozzle close to the things you want to suck, use the brush nozzle clean first then use the flat suction nozzle, effect will be much better.

★New version computer vacuum cleaner: Upgrade computer vacuum cleaner, more powerful than the normal portable vacuum cleaner
★Powerful to keep clean: Our computer vacuum cleaner is able to suck small things like Cigarette ash, Dust, Food-crumbs, Eraser Residue, Small particle, but not water, please make sure small things is not bigger than the suction nozzle
★Compact and convenient to use: This portable USB vacuum cleaner is small size, could be used for computer, desktop and car
★USB power: Our keyboard vacuum cleaner can be plugged straight into USB port without requiring external power source
★Easy to maintenance: Just open the dust collector and take the filter net out, then wash it with clean water, after the filter net get dry, then you could use it

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