FreedConn Microphone Headphone Speaker Soft Cable Headset Accessory for Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Interphone intercom for TCOM FDCVB and COLO

Helmet speakers are the most purchased bike accessory around the world. A helmet plays the most crucial part while riding a motobike and if it is provided with speakers than you can enjoy your bike ride. The Helmet is designed in such a way that it comforts your ear and maintain a sound rhythm.

This unique helmet can be used with any motobike. It is padded with high-quality pads inside the helmet to give the user a nice and smooth feel while bike ride. The soft, padded speakers attach to the inside of your helmet by hook and loop fasteners pads (included), have a volume controller as well as a microphone which make you more reliable to use.

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Product Description:

This is a piece of mic/speaker headphone Soft cable for motorcycle helmet interphone,it suits for the model as the picture showed,it’s
compatible with FreedConn 3 models TCOM (TCOMVB, TCOM-02 & TCOM-SC),FDCVB and COLO.
If you’re not sure about the model, pls send us message to confirm it.
It’s specially offered to backup for bluetooth intercom interphone and some motorcyclists who own several Motorcycle helmets, with
this backup, you no longer need to change the headphone from this helmet to another one.

1 x Soft Headset
2 x VelcroMic/Headphone soft cable Suitable for FreedConn 3 models TCOM (TCOMVB, TCOM-02 & TCOM-SC),FDCVB and COLO series motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom
Designed for all full face helmet,soft corded microphone save more space than hard corded microphone and more convenient to use
Hi-Fi music/audio functions
Mini USB port, DSP noise echo cancellation, Thin, flat and comfortable
Include soft Mic/Speaker cable

If you have any queries about this product, you can post a comment below, we try to solve the user questions as soon as possible.

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