Hair Dryer Brush, Aqziill Hot Air Brush 3-in-1 Hot Air Spin Hair Brush for Styling. One Step Round Hot Air Curling Combo with 1 1/2-inch and 2-inch Brush Attachments, Red. Cepillo de Aire Caliente

For many simple mortals, a twice-weekly, in-salon blow dry is something we can only think of, with small services like the day job, the bank balance getting in the way of us living our best life (sigh).

Creating your own ‘salon style’ finish, even if you have found your perfect hairstyle, can be tricky without an extra pair of hands and a PHD in how to use a round brush. A key starting point? Using hero hair products.

Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel, whose clientele includes the likes Emma Roberts and Diane Kruger, swears by serum for a glossy shining finish, recently citing Virtue Labs Perfect Ending Split Ends Serum in a tutorial. He applies it after blow-drying, but before finishing off the look with curling tongs.

But the silkiest and shiniest styles start with the dry, so the most important thing of all for a celebrity like blow-dry is a high-performance hair dryer. Today we have listed a hair dryer that would be loved by many.

Hair Dryer Brush, Aqziill Hot Air Brush 3-in-1 Hot Air Spin Hair Brush for Styling. One Step Round Hot Air Curling Combo with 1 1/2-inch and 2-inch Brush Attachments, Red. Cepillo de Aire Caliente

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Product Description:

How to Create Big Curls

If you have short hair, you won’t create big curls! You need at least hair touching your shoulder and possibly a little longer. Depending on how long your hair is, choose a medium or a large barrel.

As you dry your hair with the tool, wrap your hair around the brush and wind it up, hold it for a few seconds and carefully unwind. If you want big curls that last, wind the hair back up either on a roller or against its curl and pin it to your head until you’ve finished all your hair. Then unpin each section and voila, you should have a head full of big, voluminous curls.

How to Use on Short Hair

Only use a slim barrel for short hair. You can still create bubble curls or hair with volume and lift. For volume and lift, simply dry hair using the hot air brush styler and move the brush through the hair, gently curling it to plump up hair.

For bubble curls, wind hair around the brush, remove the brush and pin back the curl. Finish your hair and then unpin for a head of small, bubbly curls.

How to Use on Long Hair

It’s a dream to use on long hair, simply use it in the same way as a large barrel brush. Do choose a bigger size barrel which will reduce styling time. Glide the brush through hair from the root, lift it upward a little to give volume before moving it down the length of the hair and curl it inward or outward for luscious movement.

If you want curls, after each pass, wind hair back up using the brush, remove carefully and pin the curl to your head. Repeat over the rest of your head and then release the curls when you’ve finished.

【DETANGLING, STYLING, DRYING ALL IN ONE】Aqziill hot air brush has the bristles of a comb, the hair drying feature of a blow dryer, and curling and the heat styling features of curling wand and iron straightener. Simply plug on and switch to your desired hair setting. Hot air then blows through the bristles to dry and style hair at the same time.This rotating hot air brush is a simple and convenient for you to create sleek and delicate curls without damaging your hair structure.
【STATIC-FREE ION TECHNOLOGY ROTATING BRUSH】You can say goodbye to frizz with our static-free ion technology incorporated into our 3-in-1 air brush. It has soft and tangle-free bristles to enhance hair volume, so it could deliver salon blow-dry quality in the comfort of your own home. It comes with three temperature settings (low, high, and cool) and is perfect for creating voluminous hairstyles. You’ll get a magnificent glossy set without spending too much time and effort.
【DETACHABLE CERAMIC COATED BARRELS, 2 IN. + 1 1/2 IN. 】The heating element is made of ceramic, so this hot air spin brush is durable and protects you from burned scalp and hair. There are two different brush sizes. It’s best to choose a thick barrel (2 inch) for thick, long hair and smaller barrels (1.5 inch) for shorter hair or if you want to create curls. Aqziill rotating brush is good for achieving loose curls that don’t look too set as the curls are all in mixed-up directions.
【HOW TO USE TIPS】Before using the brush, you’ll need to wash your hair (it’s recommended that you use a volume shampoo) and towel-dry it to remove at least 80% of the dampness. Spray your locks with oil or blow-dry lotion to protect hair from heating and damage. Start with the first section at the back, unwind it and then use the hot air brush styler to wind it up and then wind it back down depending on the level of curl you want. The brush should glide through as well, drying as it styles.
【LIMITED THREE YEAR LABOR + PARTS WARRANTY】The Aqziill promise of quality and innovation lives on every inoic hair brush dryer we manufacture. Are you fed up with unprofessional service? Aqziill provides a Three Year Limited Warranty and 24-hour-reply customer service. Contact us for a full refund if you are not satisfied with our one step hair dryer.

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