HardwareX Supply Door Reinforcement Lock, Privacy Door Latch Harden Construction 3″ Stop, White

Home security is one of the frequently overlooked feature in houses nowadays, being ignorant is not an option now, and now improve the security Of your house with a high-quality strong gate lock. People often choose for the low cost option when it comes to Door locks, but its a very big vulnerability for anyone in this evil society. Now we are about to introduce you to a latest Door Lock product which is making the buzz recently that also comes in the budget of most of the house owners.

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Product Description:

HardwareX Reinforce Security Door lock is constructed of harden process aluminum with variety of finishes. This reinforcement plate is able to withstand up to 1000lb of force to keep your home and family safe. The lock feature a spring loaded child safe and tamper resistant design that protect against unwelcome guests. Due to the sleek design of the reinforcement plate it can actually help keep your child/grandparent safe from running outside. All fasteners and installation are included.Limited Promo Offer : $13.99 (regular 24.99) offer end 8/30/18 .Prevent lock bumping and lock picking. No need to worry about thief breaking in!
Tamper Resistant & Child Safe Design
Designed to withstand 1000LB of force
Easy Installation with 3″ Hardened Screw included.
Require Drill 1/8″ drill bit and philips screw driver

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