Hosmart Portable Wireless Intercom System,1/2 Mile 6-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System for Home or Office [2 Stations Black] (18650 Battery is not Included)

You don’t need to live in a Mansion to know that easy to use intercom systems is an interesting method to interact with members of your family in other rooms or to act as additional security at your front door. They are also great for offices and other businesses that need a quick and cheap method of keeping employees in touch with each other. Today here we are naming one of the most trending Intercom system for home.

Hosmart Portable Wireless Intercom System,1/2 Mile 6-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System for Home or Office [2 Stations Black] (18650 Battery is not Included)

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Product Description:

1.Long Rang: Effective distance Approx. 1/2mile (in ideal condition, range will diminish based on walls, floors, etc).
2.Multi-Channel (6 channel): 6 channels will be provide to you for calling family or office members, delivering announcements, or emergency calls. It can be choose one to one communication or one to all simultaneously.
3.Easy to set up and use, no installation requirement, you can take it to anywhere you want.
4.Monitor function continuously for 24 Hours at once.
5.Frequency Range: 462.6250 – 467.6125 (MHz)

Full Expandable:
Two intercom stations included but you can expand to an unlimited additional intercom stations.

Package Includes:
2*Intercom Stations
2*AC Power Adapters

Family Application
1.You can put the intercom to anywhere, bedroom, kitchen, baby room, living room, elder room, garage etc.
2.You can set up different channel code for each intercom or at same channel code.
3.You can make a group call or a private dialogue to different room.
4.You can monitor the room as you want by using monitor (24 hours once time).
5.You can talk with two way radio if you change radio frequency to Intercom requirement.

Office Application
1.You should set different channel code for different department and make a record. 2.You can make a private meeting with the specific people .
3.You can make a emergency notice or quickly meeting by the group call function. 4.Different department can make a communication freely.

Outdoor Activity Application
1.This intercom can be charged by mobile power bank(5V 1A).
2.You can take intercom to anywhere, No WIFI requirement.
3.Walkie Talkie System for Outdoor Activity.

Size : 6.29 x 3.42 x 1.77 inchThe Hosmart Advantage: 30 + years of wireless intercom home system technology produced by our leading factory.Pass Safety Certification and Lifetime Quality Warranty: The wireless intercom system passed FCC, CE, ROSH Certified. In order to insure your benefit, we will give you a lifetime quality warranty.
Long Range and Multi-Channel: 2019 new release 1/2 mile long range (in open field ) 6 channel secure wireless intercom system. It integrates the latest technology to be the most trusted intercom system for home and office.
Individually Function and Easy Use: Powerful and Individually Function, Monitor, Talk, Group call function. Monitor function can monitor 24 hours at once. Group function (conference call) can call all the stations in intercom system.
Voice Crystal Clear and different Ring Tones : Duo to anti-interference signal technology and secret digital channel, the wireless intercom system works perfectly for you in any place, secure digital communication.Can Choose 4 Different Ring Tones.
Wide Using Range and Portable:This wireless intercom system can use in a wide rang, home, office, outdoor etc. It can also run on an 18650 battery as backup (3.7V/2800mAh) so you can take devices to any place you want.

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