Jnjstella Cotton Solid Skinny Men’s Necktie 2″ Tie Light Mint Green

A great Dress is imperfect without a Tie, the Necktie is a tiny part of the attire but creates a noticable difference in the look of the person putting it on. Often people are worried about the design of tie to select and the brand which can create a well fitted look. In this review, we will discuss about a Universal tie that fits every dress and improve your vibe.

The color of this Tie is well engineered to suit with any color combinations, you can wear it to any place with confidence and get a professional look. If you are going to an important conference you must choose wearing this one.

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Product Description:

Solid skinny ties are a must have in every man’s closet!
Perfect for weddings, groups, or events.
This stylish tie is suitable for both casual & formal wear.Modern Trendy Solid Skinny Tie
Width: 5 cm / 2 inches, Length: 145 cm / 57 inches
100% Cotton
Perfect for groups, weddings, events
It’s not glossy. Really muted color tie

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