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The best shuttle to play badminton activity are mentioned here. The recovery speed is just 0.02 seconds when hit. It is the most light shuttlecocks you will ever come across. This shuttlecock is designed in a way to suck up maximum damage and long reliability. The combination of closed feather system makes shuttlecock flight performance seven to eight times more reliability than an common nylon shuttlecock.

If you are looking to buy a durable product that can last up to 20-30 games then a pack of these would be a great. The Shuttle Cock is the perfect fit for any normal storage so that you don’t have to buy any storgae for it.

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Product Description:

Solidly constructed with a durable rubber tip and perfectly placed feathers for a phenomenal float.The Jianzi Foot Feather is perfect for indoors or out.But beware! on a windy day – your foot feather might just float away!
No matter your age or athletic ability, the Jianzi Foot Feather is the perfect toy to refine your reflexes, improve hand-eye coordination, and stir up some fun at any friend or family function.
In this variation of the traditional Asian game, players must keep the shuttlecock aloft as long as possible using only hands and legs – similar to hacky sack, but using a feathered, weighted shuttlecock.
Originating in China long ago, the game has become popular across the world. This Chinese Shuttlecock has taken the ancient game to new heights to keep classic fun afloat in your life anywhere, anytime..

Kicking Shuttlecock is a traditional sport game called Jianzi in China.
Trying to keep it always in the air with legs and kick it as long as possible.
To exercise your leg muscle and body flexibility.
Enjoy this simple and healthy game using only sides of your feet.

Main Material : Plastic
Length:19 cm/7.4 inch
Base Diameter:3 cm/1.1 inch

Package includes: 10 x Jianzi / shuttlecockOUTDOOR KICKING SHUTTLECOCK – With a long history in sports activities, is very popular sport in China. Shuttlecock was praised as “the butterfly of life” in China. Because kicking shuttlecock is good exercise to your legs and it can improve your physical coordinate ability. Also, it’s a very good team sports. Everyone in a circle, and then use foot shuttlecock passed each other´╝îtry not to make the shuttlecock fall to the ground.
HOW TO KICK THE “JIANZI “- Keep the Foot Feather afloat using feet, knees, legs, or chest – no hands!Mesmerizing indoor/outdoor game built to outlast hours of casual-to-competitive play
VARIETY WAYS TO PLAY – Kicking Shuttlecock is a traditional sport toy and it is a good tool to exercise leg muscle strength and body flexibility;How to play: Throw it in the air and kick it around with some friends; Keep it in the air as long as you can.Kick a variety of ways, both than the number of times, you can even than the time to kick, but also than the pattern of kicking
WIDELY USE – The Jianzi Foot Feather is perfect for parties, family events, and reunions at the park, beach, or backyard. The perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, congratulations, and “just because,” your kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews will spend hours keeping their foot feather flying!
100% SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SERVICE – Notice: Not wool, not ball, don’t rub off.Keep the Foot Feather afloat using feet, knees, legs, or chest – no hands!Package include: 10pcs x Chinese Jianzi(Random Color);.Lifetime warranty;7-15 shipping days with tracking number

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