kids& Baby Toothbrush Electric Sonic Battery Powered With Smart Timer and Colorful LED, Baby &kids Electric Toothbrushes—Baby Sonic Toothbtush(BLUE)

We all brush our teeth repeatedly every day but the matter is how efficiently we are able to brush our teeth. The issue with the traditional brush is that it’s not easy to reach some spots of our teeth that we miss out in our everyday routine, it initiates the problem in your teeth in long run. if you are cared about your teeth and looking for a better alternative to the normal tooth brush, here we are with the answer.

An Electric toothbrush is all that you need to start taking care of your teeth in the right direction. An electric toothbrush makes the brushing more fun and interesting.

kids& Baby Toothbrush Electric Sonic Battery Powered With Smart Timer and Colorful LED, Baby &kids Electric Toothbrushes—Baby Sonic Toothbtush(BLUE)

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Product Description:

1.Sonic frequency, high efficiency

2.Waterproof IPX7 and non-slip design

3.Changeable brush head and battery

4.Slim design, easy to carry

Package:1 x baby toothbrush with 2 interchangeable heads (Battery Not Include)

How to open the package?

The left hand is holding the bar code direction, and the right hand is crossed from the right side.

br>How to replacement brush head ?

Rotate right and pull out

How to install Battery?

Turning the base to the left will open and install the battery in the right direction
How do you use it?

When brushing your teeth, brush your head close to the thinnest incisors and pull back and forth.
Be careful not to exert too much force. After the toothpaste is bubbling, open the electric switch,
shake the head with a moderate force, move the toothbrush back and forth from the incisor to the back teeth,
brush each interval for about 30 seconds, and clean all teeth in two minutes.

The cleaning of the baby electric toothbrush is more convenient than the ordinary manual toothbrush cleaning.
After the tooth brush, the brush head is put into the water, the electric switch is opened,
and the brush head is gently tapped, and the residual body and toothpaste on the brush can be cleaned up.

If conditions permit, 2 or 3 electric toothbrushes can be used alternately to make the drying time of the toothbrush delayed.
This is especially important for people with gingivitis and periodontitis. In addition, rotation can also maintain the elasticity of bristles.
★ Every happy day starts with YTS baby sonic toothbrush, and give baby fun when you brush teeth. and this sonic toothbrush will give baby best care
★ YTS kids electric toothbrush is Low energy-saving- sonic toothbrush won’t work until the battery is installed.,Powered by 1 AAA battery,This package does not include batteries,The sonic toothbrush needs to buy extra batteries and install it. If the installation is successful, the sonic toothbrush will work start.Only a good battery can be used for more than 3 months.
★ badies Sonic toothbrush come with 2 brush heads, environmental health, one to three months to replace one.we have brush heads to sale also
★Baby electric toothbrush can make your baby have a lot of fun brushing his teeth, say goodbye to boredom and not be satisfied with refunding money.
★Baby electric toothbrush can make the baby’s toothbrush cleaner, can give oral massage to promote the healthy growth of baby’s teeth.

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