Men’s Blue Grey Striped Neck Tie Accessory Evening Summer Wedding Casual Necktie

An elegant Dress is imperfect without a necktie, the Necktie is a small part of the attire but creates a huge difference in the personality of the person putting it on. Many times people are confused about the design of tie to choose and the brand which gives a well fitted look. In this review, we will review about a Universal tie that fits almost all dress and enhance your vibe.

The color of this Tie is well crafted to mix with any color combinations, you can wear it to any place with confidence and get a formal look. If you are going to an important function you must consider wearing this one.

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Product Description:

The Checks Tie

* A Checked Tie, like the stripe, is another tie pattern that is suitable for the conservative workplace. Usually made up of small lines crisscrossing each other throughout the length of the tie, checked tie can have mesmerizing visual appeal.

* The checked tie has many shapes and faces, enough to keep any pattern lover enchanted for a lifetime.

* This striking style, made up of a solid background crisscrossed by lines of a contrasting color is one of the most basic, and essential patterns for any man’s wardrobe.

A Checked Tie is Great for Most Occasions

1. This Tie Pattern is also a great choice for work or play. Checked neckties have no connotations like some other patterns (namely paisley and stripes) do. It is a clean cut design that adds interest to a solid suit and shirt, but is not overly busy or distracting.

2. For all of these reasons, many men choose to wear the checked necktie to work. After heading out from work for a drink, or perhaps dinner, the strong lines of the tie will make you stand out as fashionable and stylish, without pushing your image over the edge.

3. The pattern is both professional, but casual enough to leave the workplace with you. For extremely formal events however, it is better to stick with a Solid Colored Tie or bowtie, rather than a patterned tie. Nonetheless, the checked necktie will make a valuable, and frequently used addition to your wardrobe.

How to Match a Checked Necktie?

1. In order to wear your patterned tie with confidence and aplomb, you have to match it properly with your shirt and suit. The general rule with patterned ties is that a plain, white shirt is always your safest bet, because it goes with everything.

2. A check tie can also go with a checked shirt; the only rule is to make sure that the pattern on your shirt is much smaller and subtler than the pattern on your tie.Classic striped necktie size: 57″ x 3.15″ (146cm x 8cm). The traditional length and width is perfect for men up to 6’2″ tall. Material: High quality woven microfiber, it will underline your chic looks on your birthday, wedding, graduation, the corporal event, the interview, the meeting and all formal events, making heads turn!
This tie will get you many compliments! The light ice-blue color on this tie is adorned with narrow stripes in grey and white.
A color and design combination that is modern, yet elegant and classy enough for even the most conservative office.
To match this tie is quite simple since almost all classic suit and shirt colors will compliment the colors on this tie.
Our absolute top pick to wear this tie: A dress shirt with very fine, but wider spaced check-pattern in colors light blue and white, a medium-gray 3-button suit, and black shoes and belt – a look that will guaranteed get you many compliments.

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