Metro Vacuum MDV-3TA DataVac/3 Pro Series Toner Vac, 1.7-HP, 2 Speed Motor

Keeping the home or things shining is a very frustrating task to do, and none of us love to waste our valuable time in just trying to clean our room or your products, Vaccum Cleaners are a boon for those who hate to frequently work hard in order to keep things neat. A quality vacuum cleaner can cut down your work multi-folds and get you more of productive time, apart from this they also do a great work in cleaning anything nicely sucking away all the dust. Now we are about to talk about a very famous Vaccum cleaner as mentioned in the title.

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Product Description:

The DataVac PRO Series can handle every cleaning job in the electronic office. It has everything the PRO needs for complete office equipment and computer cleaning, plus a toner filter system that picks up dangerous toner spills from laser printers and copiers and is 99.9% efficient on particles to .3 microns. These high-tech vac/blowers have plenty of power for the toughest jobs yet are sensitive enough to pick up the most minute particles. The power unit operates on a 2-speed motor.1.7 peak horsepower, 2 speed motor.
Includes 6 ft. flexible hose, 2-20″ extension wands, pik-all nozzle, crevice tool, dusting brush, air pin pointer, shoulder strap, 2 extra toner filters, 4 piece micro cleaning tool kit and snorkel probe
High tech vacuum/blower, cleans all types of computer equipment
Environmentally, and user friendly, and inexpensive
Made in USA

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