MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOLS CORP 48-59-1810 Vehicle Charger

Keeping your electronic devices charged while on journey is a hectic task at times as we all get the issue of charge getting {over|exhausted|dead| in the most important times. Keeping a Car Charger could prove to be a lifesaver and keep your phone switched on throughout your car journey.

here is a great car charger product that does all the work flawlessly and has no known bugs in the design.

MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOLS CORP 48-59-1810 Vehicle Charger

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Product Description:

Vehicle charging solution for all M12 & M18 batteries. Full M12 & M18 system compatibility.VEHICLE CHARGING: Plugs into Vehicle 12V DC Outlet
CHARGES ALL M18 & M12 BATTERIES: Full M18 & M12 system compatibility
SEQUENTIAL CHARGING: Reduces time to manage charge cycles by automatically charging the second inserted pack once the first pack is fully charged
PROTECTIVE ELECTRONICS: Charger monitors the voltage of the vehicle battery and will automatically shut down if the vehicle battery voltage dips too low in order to prevent excessive discharge
CHARGE MANAGEMENT: Charger communicates with the battery pack to ensure a full charge and battery protection

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