MOGO VR – Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iOS & Android Smartphones,The Only VR Glasses / Goggles with Zero Side Effect(2D)

Technology has changed the Human lifestyle and made every work easier than it used to be before a decade. One of the most exciting inventions in this decade is a Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality which only was an imagination from soo many years, at last, was released in the store and recieved a huge response from the followers. You can use the Virtual Reality Headset to watch the videos on your phone in a VR mode.

There are 100s of Virtual Reality headset available online which starts from very cheap price to VRs that all of us feel is bit expensive. Today we are About to discuss about a Virtual Reality headset that does a good quality of work and also comes in the budget of most of the users. If you like this Product you can buy it by clicking on buy Now Button.

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Product Description:

Smartphone screens are frustratingly small to watch movies. MOGO TRAVEL is optical innovation headset enlarging smartphone and creating perception of 18″ screen at the distance of 10″, while keeping connection with the environment, providing regular touch screen and having folded design to be easily used in travels. Don’t confuse MOGO TRAVEL with VR loosing 75% of the pixels by splitting screen to left and right to support stereoscopic view and requiring special App. MOGO is pure optical magnifier such that each eye see full screen and preserving 100% of pixels resulting in x4 sharper videos, absence of pixilation (screen-door) and nausea free!
MOGO is similar to binocular magnifier that virtually doubling the screen and shifting each virtual screen aside to left and right eye correspondingly. In this way the near object positioned between the eyes is virtually shifted to left and right releasing the eyes strain. There are a lot of binocular magnifiers, however, once more than x3 magnification is needed, there is no appropriate solution on the market. MOGO TRAVEL provides x6 times magnification of up-to 5×3″ smartphone screens and designed for normal far vision. Asperical lens design keeps in focus big central area of the screen and very strong prismatic lens element release the eyes strain.
DON’T BUY MOGO for games or reading tasks (more in Legal disclaimer), due to distortions and color aberrations of the highly enlarged screen sides (white vertical straight line will be seen curved and rainbow like), also eyes rotation to watch the sides requiring extra efforts (90degrees field of view). However, if you piloting drone, like HD+ movies, fan of Augmented Reality and 360 degrees applications, MOGO is RIGHT FOR YOU! It is also is small glasses friendly while there is insertion trick for big glasses, face interface and headband straps adjustments and included accessories: travel bag, small phone insert, lens cleaning cloth, user manual. Enjoy your MOGO!Based on patent pending aspherical prismatic oculars, magnifying full smartphone screen x6 times without need of special application. Works with 4.5″ to 6″ smartphones, any OS and good for applications where most time observable content is in the central area. The side area has vertical lines distortions and color aberrations (see in gallery)
Preserves 100% of screen pixels for each eye and creates pseudo perception of 18″ screen from 10″ distance. Intended for 2D contents, movies, drones FPV, AR, 360deg applications.
Design is optimized for: travels – folded when not used, regular screen touch access – opened from the bottom, situational awareness – side windows option for peripheral vision and bottom vision
Eyeglasses friendly – worn over small glasses by releasing the side straps before and with special trick keeping the temples of the big glasses outside
Healthy to the eyes: tuned for far vision releasing accommodation for each eye. Eyes convergence to 10″ that is in comfort zone. Stimulates eyes Extra Ocular Muscles training.

If you have any doubts about this product, you can leave a comment below, we try to solve the user questions as soon as possible.

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