Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves With 12″ Wrist Support For Gym Workout, Weightlifting, Fitness,Powerlifting & Cross Training Sports-The Best For Men & Women M,1 Year Warranty

Gloves are best used for protecting your hands while various activities like weight lifting. If you are looking forward to buying gloves of your need then you must know all the qualities of the product. The outside material of the glove must be made of some poyster material so that it can sustain the damage. The inner material of the glove must be lightweight so that it doesn’t harm our fingers in any way. The best gloves will provide you the comfort of the gloves and a better grip on everything.

Its padded shield protects the palm and lowers the risk of injurieswound. If you are a regular user of the gloves then you must not go for any cheap quality gloves. A little funding is necessary for a better glove to protect you. The best of the gloves is mentioned below.

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Product Description:

WEIGHT LIFTING GLOVES With Built in 12″ Wrist Support Wraps

Nordic Lifting™ Offers Premium Accessories for Weightlifting Workouts
– Carefully Crafted With Premium Quality Leather and Reinforced Stitching
– Strategically Padded Palms for Extra Comfort and Grip
– Do NOT Bleed From the Dye Inside
– Made in Different Sizes, please check the Sizing Chart in the listing images

Who can benefit from using weight lifting gloves?
Weightlifters, CrossFit Enthusiasts, regular gym goers and anyone working with free weights, seeking high-end palm protection and wrist support
Professional athletes who want to maximize their gains in the gym with high-quality sports equipment
People suffering from calluses from working with heavy weights as well as anyone looking to increase their grip when lifting

Gloves Functionality
➤ HAND AND WRIST PROTECTION. Weightlifting gloves provide an additional layer between your palms and your weights which helps avoid calluses while the wraps prevent potentially dangerous wrist movement.
➤ IMPROVED GRIP & STABILITY. The sturdy leather padding on the palm area provides unmatched levels of grip and comfort. The gloves also feature an integrated wrist wrap, restricting unnecessary wrist movement
➤ WIDE RANGE OF USE: A universal design means these gloves are widely applicable and can be used in Powerlifting, CrossFit training, Gym workouts & other fitness activities

Inside Package
✓ 1 Pair of Weight Lifting Gloves

Our Guarantee
We are so confident in our Nordic Lifting weight lifting accessories that we offer a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Click the Add to Cart Button at the Top of this Page & Say Goodbye to Painful Calluses and Blisters!Weight Lifting Gloves With Integrated Wrist Support – by Premium Weightlifting Brand Nordic Lifting™
Provides the Best Grip For Both Men & Women – Please Check Listing Images for Sizing Chart
Has the Right Amount of Padding That Provides Protection Against Painful Calluses & Blisters
Perfect for Weight Lifting, Cross Training, Gym, Powerlifting and Other Heavy Fitness Workouts
1 Pair of Weight Lifting Gloves – With 1 Year Free No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee

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