OfficeCode Mini Table Dust Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping the floor or things shining is a very hard job to do, and no one of us enjoy to waste our valuable time in just trying to clean our room or your products, Vaccum Cleaners are a stress relief for those who hate to regularly work hard in order to keep things neat. A good vacuum cleaner can reduce your work multi-folds and get you more of spare time, plus they also do a nice job in cleaning anything nicely sucking away all the impurities. Today we are about to explain about a very famous Vaccum cleaner as mentioned in the title.

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Product Description:

Height: 60mm;Weight: 0.2kg;Rated voltage: 3 (v);Battery type: AA batteries;Number of batteries: two;Whether it contains the battery pack: No;Product size: 80 * 60MM;Vacuum cleaner styles: desktop cleaner;Dust storage type: dust box dust/barrel;Length of power cord: wireless;Special nozzle:wiper brushes;
To remove the hair or dust on the garment.To remove the dust on the surface of home appliance, computer keyboard or furniture.
To clean the cushion or interior of car. To remove the cigarette ash or dust on the office table.
Its powerful suction and unique brush roll design gather dust, debris and hair.
It saves clean up time on the kitchen counter top or table and will sweep while gathering all waste together,just empty waste when it’s full,and then you can restart it.,
Compact, small and easy to carry desktop vacuum cleaner, Size: about 8x6cm
Keep your desktop clean – vacuums Dust, Food-crumbs, Staples, Eraser Residue – Enough suction power for small tasks like these around the house or office
No wire needed , Power Supply : 2 x AA Batteries(Not Included Here)
Powered for under 10 minutes continuous cleaning, suction and full of fine dust for light / confetti / fruit scraps and sediment. But it can only absorb smaller objects, too large or strong object will lead to the outlet stuck.
Detachable bottom design. You can push the bottom when need dump the dust, it is easy and fast to clean.

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