Pack of 12 Haldi Kumkum handmade decorative basket

Return gifts are given out of generosity. Giving return gifts to someone is a signal of affection and is a culture that is welcomed by people all over the world. Many people might think return gifts are things of children that are given only at birthday parties and none other. But Being a kind gesture return gifts at now given at offices, schools, House parties and at welcoming parties. The product mentioned here is best fit return gift and is suitable for everybody

Return gifts are also a symbol of wealth or we can say status symbol. The society, especially children’s feel bad when not give a return gift at any kind of event and the same happens with adults. So If you are looking for some unique Return Gift items then check the product.

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Product Description:

Hand decorated small Haldi Kumkum basket for Pooja Quantity :12 pcs Size :1.5 X 3 inches

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