PRIM8 Weightlifting Gloves with Wrist Support for Gym Workouts, Pull Ups, Cross Training, Weightlifting, Calisthenics, WOD, Exercise – Silicone Padding – Great Hand Grip & No Calluses – Men & Women

Gloves are best used for protecting your hands while various activities like bike riding. If you are looking forward to buying gloves of your need then you must know all the in and out of the product. The outside material of the glove must be made of some hard material so that it can sustain the damage. The inner material of the glove must be spoft so that it doesn’t harm our fingers in any way. A great glove will provide you the comfort of the gloves and a better grip on everything.

Its padded shield protects the palm and lowers the risk of slash. If you are a frequent user of the gloves then you must not go for any low quality gloves. A little funding is necessary for a better glove to protect you. The best of the gloves is mentioned below.

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Product Description:

Can’t decide if they’re right for you? Well, if your palms are ripped, your wrists hurt and you could use a better grip then the Prim8 Weight Lifting Gloves are definitely for you. Get the maximum protection with minimum coverage.

Designed for both men and women, beginners or experienced, athletes and competitors. Whether you’re just starting in your fitness or are a professional athlete training for the upcoming season, these are the workout gloves for you.

The open hand design, anti-sweat neoprene fabric and lightweight built allow your hands to breathe and stay dry. All this so you can fully focus on your sessions without worrying about your hands. No more sweaty palms, no more slips, no more bad workouts.

Anatomically shaped to prevent injuries, their 18″ adjustable wrist wraps support you during your sessions and prevent wrist sprains and strains. Make your wrists stronger and lift much more weight than you could with just your bare hands. Perfect for pull ups, chin-ups, bicep curls, bench press, snatches, cleans, deadlifts, front squats, rope climbing and other exercises that would require wrist protection.

The unique palm design strategically developed to enhance comfort and the extra silicone padding was designed to give you the ultimate grip level whether you are into bodybuilding, weight training, weightlifting or cross training. Train smarter and lift more without worrying about any slips, rips, tears, or calluses.

Perfect equipment for: weight training, weightlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, fitness, powerlifting, cross training, WODs, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench press, pull ups, rope climbing, T2B, lat pull downs, cleans, ring dips, muscle ups, kettlebell swings.

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Materials: Neoprene, Silicon Printed Neoprene

LEATHER and SILICONE PADDING for EXTRA GRIP – Say goodbye to calluses, tears and breaking blisters! Made from high quality breathable neoprene fabric and reinforced with split leather and a silicone layer, the PRIM8 ULTIMATE GRIP WORKOUT GLOVES bring you the best palm padding possible.
30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – ORDER NOW* and if for whatever reason you don’t absolutely love your PRIM8 ULTIMATE GRIP WORKOUT GLOVES, just return it, and we’ll REFUND YOU EVERY PENNY.
BUILT-IN ADJUSTABLE WRIST WRAPS for WRIST SUPPORT – The specially designed hook and loop closure straps help you adjust your wrist wraps for a perfect fit without losing tension during your workout. Have the perfect support for snatches, cleans, deadlifts, front squats, bench press and other exercises that would require wrist protection.
THE ULTIMATE GRIP – Anatomically shaped to prevent injuries, their lightweight built and flexibility ensures you still enjoy a natural grip without any bulkiness. The extra silicone layer strategically developed to enhance comfort will give you a better grip whether you are into weightlifting, crossfit, cross training or gym exercises.
VERSATILITY – Whether you need your palms protected, an improved grip or better wrist support these gloves can be used for weight training, weightlifting, fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, cross training, WODs, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench press, pull ups, rope climbing and many more.

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