Pro Impact Badminton Set Aluminum Head w/Steel Shaft – Includes Rackets, Feather Shuttlecocks & Carry Case Outdoor Games for Kids Adults Family (4 Rackets, 6 Shuttles, Cover)

The best badminton equipment to play badminton game are mentioned here. The recovery speed is just 0.02 seconds when hit. It is the most lightweight shuttlecocks you will ever come across. This shuttlecock is designed in a way to soak up maximum damage and long durability. The combination of interlock feather system makes shuttlecock flight performance four to five times more durability than an common nylon shuttlecock.

If you are looking to buy a reliable product that can last up to 20-30 games then a pack of these would be a great. The Shuttle Cock is the perfect fit for any normal storage so that you don’t have to buy any case for it.

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Product Description:

With the Pro Impact Badminton Set, you can enjoy a friendly game of badminton any time you want. The set comes complete with two badminton rackets, three feather shuttlecocks stored in a case, and a carrying bag so you and a friend can enjoy competing for endless hours of gameplay. Simply set up a net in any location and let the games begin. Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or a recreational player, the Pro Impact Badminton Set will keep you engaged. Head outdoors with a friend or family member to play a game and have some fun. If you’re new to the game and the shuttlecock keeps getting lost, don’t worry. There are three included in this set so you can continue playing with fewer interruptions.BADMINTON SET. – Complete set for 2 or 4 people – Power down the electronics and enjoy a friendly competition of badminton. This set comes complete with two badminton rackets, three feather shuttlecocks and a carrying case so you can head to the beach or out to your own backyard.
HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Lightweight yet durable, the rackets are made using a top-quality aluminum head and steel shaft. This makes it easy for you to handle the racket while allowing for a balanced swing.
VERSATILE USE. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, a family reunion or simply going to spend a family day at the park, this badminton set will enhance the fun. Take it with you on all your adventures and start a rally wherever you go.
FEATHER SHUTTLECOCKS. 3 or 6 pieces – You won’t have to stop playing every time a shuttlecock is out of reach. This set comes with three feather shuttlecocks stored in a case for easy access, so you can continue playing with fewer interruptions.
STYLISH COVER. You can head outdoors to play a badminton game without having to search for equipment or carry all the items at once. The Pro Impact comes with a stylish, carrying case so you can easily transport the set wherever you want.

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