Professional 4-in-1 Laminator Machine | GoGo Gadgets Heavy Duty Lamination Machine with Laminating Sheets | Perfect for Home Office Or School Use!

Laminators play a crucial and often overlooked role in our lives. More than just a popular tool for crafters, teachers, and office workers, the quality laminator can make the difference between a one-of-a-kind document being kept safe, in safe condition forever, and having your important item be destroyed due to unavoidable everyday dangers such as water, coffee, and tearing. With good quality modern laminators being so affordable and easy to use it is almost inexcusable to deny the temptation of owning one. However, considering the hundreds of laminators for sale under so many different brands, here we have listed one of the most trusted laminators in the market. You can trust it before placing the order.

Professional 4-in-1 Laminator Machine | GoGo Gadgets Heavy Duty Lamination Machine with Laminating Sheets | Perfect for Home Office Or School Use!

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Product Description:

The 2019 GoGo Gadgets 4-In-1 Thermal Laminator is the perfect solution for all your home, office, and school laminating projects!

This heavy duty workhorse has all the latest technology built-in to provide a wonderful laminating experience:

  • Super Fast Start-Up Time: Most laminators take up to 10 minutes to heat up. Our lamenator warms up twice as fast (in 3-5 minutes) to get you laminating in no time flat!
  • Advanced Bubble Prevention: Our device is precisely calibrated and thoroughly tested to ensure that your document or photo is perfectly laminated with no bubbles or blemishes!
  • Lightning Quick Lamination Speed: With a 10 inch/minute processing speed, you can laminate up to 50 legal size documents per hour!
  • Anti-Blocking Switch (ABS) For Easy Jam Removal: Even though it’s rare, jams do happen. But, with our built-in ABS you’ll be able to effortlessly remove a jammed document with no stress or force. 

Also included in this bundle are several bonus features that you won’t find on most other laminating machines:

  • 3-In-1 Paper Cutter: Choose from straight, wavy, or perforated to cut, trim, and design your document in whatever way you like!
  • Secret Corner Rounder: Use this corner rounder to do away with unwanted pointy corners and give your laminated sheets a perfect finish. When you’re done, the rounder tucks secretly into the back side of the device to maintain a nice, flush look.
  • 10 A4 Laminating Pouches: To get you laminating as soon as you open up the box!

Best of all, your purchase is backed by our 1-year no questions asked warranty so you can rest assured that our world-class customer service team is here to take care of your every need.

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ADVANCED 2019 MODEL FOR PREMIUM PERFORMANCE: Our newest model incorporates the best laminate technology and uses a double roller and lightning fast warm-up to get you laminating in just a few minutes! Just flip the switch, pop in a sheet, and you’ll be on a roll in no time flat!
THE PERFECT COMBO FOR CLASSROOM AND OFFICE PROJECTS: This laminater kit comes with everything needed for any size project large or small – thermal pouches, wide mouth corner rounder, hot and cold laminating functions, and a multi-pattern paper cutter. It’s a small and portable system that packs a big punch!
INTEGRATED 3-In-1 PAPER CUTTER FOR MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: Choose from wavy, straight, or perforated to perform basic document trims, make tearable tickets, or creatively cut your photo and craft papers. We’ve also included a bonus corner rounder so that you can cut away unwanted pointy edges for a beautiful finish.
BUILT IN SAFETY FEATURES FOR THE FAMILY’S PROTECTION: Our heat lamanator will rarely jam, but if it does, the ABS (anti-blocking switch) quickly releases the pouch and foil for effortless removal. The paper cutter and corner rounder are designed to minimize blade exposure and eliminate the risk of personal injury.
BACKED BY OUR “GO THE EXTRA MILE” 1-YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY: GoGo Gadgets is a trusted brand that produces world class thermal laminators loved by business professionals, teachers, industrial workers, and keepsake enthusiasts around the world!

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