Qniglo Wireless Intercom System 10 Channel 1/2 Mile Long Range FM Intercoms Wireless for Home and Office (3 Stations Black, 2018 New Version)

we don’t have to live in a bungalow to find that handy intercom systems is a great way to communicate with members of your family in other rooms or to act as additional security at your front door. They are also suitable for offices and other businesses that need a quick and budget method of keeping employees in touch with each other. Today here we are naming one of the most talked about Intercom system for home.

Qniglo Wireless Intercom System 10 Channel 1/2 Mile Long Range FM Intercoms Wireless for Home and Office (3 Stations Black, 2018 New Version)

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Product Description:

Qniglo Multi-Channel Long-Range FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office

The standard signal scope is 1800 feet(600M). The concrete scope is determined by the environment where the device is located. The receiving distance is farther in open field, up to 1-3KM,
while the scope may be narrow in dense cities or places with dense hindrances. Please make adjustment and test according to concrete environment in actual use. The device placed near window or open field has stronger receiving capacity.
1.ANT (antennae): Receiving and emitting FM wireless signal.
2.MIC: Talk to MIC 5-10cm away from it with normal volume to talk.
3.DC+5V power socket: DC power interface, with rated current being 5V 1A.
4.DIGITAL CODE(A/B/C):It can reduce external interference by changing different digital code. Note: CODE keys are on the back of device and beside power socket.
5.0-9 channel number: This is used to set channel of device, and you need set channel as the same with the device which you want to talk with. Which channel number lights blue indicate the channel number of the device.
6.VOL+/VOL-:increase or decrease volume,you can set comfortable voice by VOL+/VOL-.
7.GROUP(Group-Call Function):This is used to talk with all devices in the intercom system, even the device in different channel code.
8.CALL: This is used to call the device with the same channel code.
9.VOX (Voice Operated Exchange):When you set VOX function in one device,the voice information will automatically send to other device with same channel code.It will work all the time.
10.TALK:Press this key and indicator becomes red. After talking, release the key, and indicator becomes OFF, the voice information is be sent out.

Package Includes:
3*Wireless Intercom Stations
3*AC Power Adapters
1*User ManualMulti Channel&Long Range: This 2018 new version wireless intercom system has 0-9 channels; the distance up to 600m(1800ft) in the open area, built-in microphone and speaker, do not need to hold down the button while communicating.
Easy To Set Up and Use: No installation requirement, you can mount the unit on the wall, or place them on a table, operates whenever there is an existing 100-240V AC plug in your home or office, there is no fee, no wiring, do not need change the original structure, receiving reliable, working stable.
Wide Application: Suitable for business office or home, the boss called the secretary, one room calls another room, upstairs call downstairs and any other places require short distance communication.
Automatic answer mode: When called, the unit can answer automatically without ring. This excellent function help you to monitor the older or child at night, there won’t bother them.
Best Quality Assurance: All of our Qniglo products include a 45 days money back & 18-month warranty, please contact us at any time if you need assitance, we will give you response within 2 business days.

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