Samcom FTAN10A 10-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office 6 Stations

we don’t need to live in a Mansion to understand that easy to use intercom systems is an interesting way to communicate with members of your family in different rooms or to act as an extra security at your front door. They are also great for offices and other businesses that need a simple and cost efficient method of keeping employees in touch with each other. Today here we are listing one of the most talked about Intercom system for home.

Samcom FTAN10A 10-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office 6 Stations

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Product Description:

Easy set up, No installation requirement. Can move to different room.
Instant intercom system
Quick and easy Direct CHANNEL select buttons РLCD Display for easy identification of designated stations. 
Multi-channel operation for privacy talk, listen.
-Big TALK buttons for easy PRESS to talk
Unit size : Approx. 7.2 x 4.8 x 1.0 inches
Power source : Mains AC Power only, (Plug-in AC adapter is included)

Family Application
You can mount the intercom on the wall, or place them on a desktop or table
You can setup different numbers for each intercom
You can choose one to one communication or one to all simultaneously
You can talk with two way radio if you change radio frequency to Intercom requirement.
You can use mobile power pack if necessary.

Office Application
Different department or room set different Number
Communication between the reception and other people
Communication between the security staff and other people
Emergency Notice
Quickly meeting system
Certification:FCC ID: 2AFC8-FTAN10A / ADAPTOR: UL R1018:
10-Channel Intercom System with 3 digital codes in secure,enough for you to have a safe and effective communication at home and office.Range up to 1000 feet in open area and support by power bank, you can take intercom to anywhere, No WIFI requirement.
Easy to set up and place, no installation requirement.With Anti-interference signal technology, the volume is crystal clear and adjustable. Work perfectly in your farm,store,office,basement,bar,bedroom.
“Talk” mode can make a private conversation with the same channel code station.”Group” talk with all intercoms simultaneously (even the devices with different channel code),perfect for calling family or office members, delivering announcements, or emergency calls. “Lock” monitor the room as a baby & elder monitor, continuously last 10 hours.
Samcom walkie talkie system can expand to an unlimited additional intercom stations.Connect ability to Samcom FPCN10A hand held two way radio.
Samcom Intercom System have passed FCC,CE certified. Please be assured that we are here to make things easier and a lifetime quality warranty to insure your benefit.

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