Secdtie Men’s Brown Black White Checks Jacquard Woven Silk Tie Formal Necktie (One Size, White Black)

A smart Dress is not complete without a Tie, the Necktie is a small part of the attire but does a noticable difference in the vibe of the person putting it on. Many times people are worried about the color of tie to select and the brand which gives a well fitted look. In this review, we will review about a Universal tie that looks good on every dress and enhance your look.

The color of this Tie is well engineered to fit with any color combinations, you can wear it anywhere with confidence and get a professional look. If you are going to an important meeting you must choose wearing this one.

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Product Description:

About Secdtie Tie

If you’re looking for business silk ties, look no further. The Secdtie brand is made exclusively for them and the ties are truly superb. Rich in textures and colors, these ties are truly a businessman’s staple.

Matching Brown Ties to Shirt & Suit

Brown is a stable and mature color that looks best in combination with other natural color shades on shirt and suit. Thus, the navy blue and the olive-green suit are two of the best color choices for the brown necktie. Good shirt choices for brown ties are, besides the classic white, tan, beige, blue, and light yellow.

Care Your Tie

1. For hard to remove stains, hold the spot over the steam from a boiling kettle and apply cleaning fluid.
2. Ties can be dry cleaned, but make sure your cleaner is experienced with ties.
3. Ties made of synthetic material might be washable.
4. When ironing ties, make certain the roll along the tie edge is not pressed flat.
5. Always hang your ties on a rack, except knitted or crochet ties, which should be rolled and stored in a drawer.
6. Give your ties at least two or three days rest before wearing them again to allow wrinkles to hang out.
7. Always unknot your ties when taking it off. Never slip it over your head.
8. Do not unravel the knot by pulling on the small end. Always reverse the knot itself.Material 100% care-free microfiber ,color As picture.Dimensions (57.09 x 3.15)”/(145 x 8)cm (L x W).Weight 40-60 g.
Unleash your boldness this season with this overtly chic and masculine plaid necktie.
This tie combines soft hues of brown, black and white to create a new take on a traditional plaid design.
Our regular ties have a 8cm wide blade and are designed to drape beautifully over your shirt. They¡¯ll go brilliantly with a variety of collar styles and jackets.
For an elegant dinner or some other occasion requiring a tie that radiates subtle elegance, consider the tan uptown plaid tie for men.

If you have any doubts about this necktie, you can leave a comment below, we try to solve the user questions as soon as possible.

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