Sena Large Speaker for SMH10R Bluetooth Headset (SMH10R-A0203)

Helmet with speakers are the most brought bike accessory around the world. A helmet plays the most major part while riding a bike and if it is equipped with speakers than you can enjoy your bike ride. The Helmet is crafted in such a way that it relaxes your ear and maintain a perfect volume.

This unique helmet can be used with any bike. It is padded with high-quality pads inside the helmet to give the user a nice and smooth feel while riding. The soft, padded speakers attach to the inside of your helmet by hook and loop fasteners pads (included), have a volume controller as well as a microphone which make you more reliable to use.

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Product Description:

SMH10R Large Speakers from Sena is made of high quality materials.Replacement Large Speakers for SMH10R

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