Sonic Electronic Toothbrush with 3 Optional Modes, 4 Hours Fast Charge 30 Days Use Rechargeable Toothbrush for Adults and Kids, Waterproof and Quiet Design, Teeth Whitening Gum Cleaning by Sboly

We all brush our teeth regularly every day but the question is how good we are able to brush our teeth. The issue with the old styled brush is that it’s not easy to reach some corners of our teeth that we miss out in our everyday routine, it creates the problem with your teeth in long run. if you are worried about your teeth and looking for a better alternative to the normal tooth brush, here we are with the answer.

An Electric toothbrush is all that you need to initiate taking care of your teeth in the correct way. An electric toothbrush makes the brushing more fun and interesting.

Sonic Electronic Toothbrush with 3 Optional Modes, 4 Hours Fast Charge 30 Days Use Rechargeable Toothbrush for Adults and Kids, Waterproof and Quiet Design, Teeth Whitening Gum Cleaning by Sboly

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Product Description:

When it comes to your oral health, would you settle for less?

We can all brush our teeth better. The catch is, we won’t get it from just manual brushing. Aren’t you tired from heaving your arms back and forth and never getting the same result in each stroke? We know you are. It’s frustrating to always miss a spot and fall short to the optimal two-minute mark. 

Upgrade your brushing experience and dental care with Sboly’s Electronic Toothbrush!

Get your desired gum health and whitened teeth in just a week with Sboly’s unparalleled sonic brushing technology that will scour plaque and bacteria build-up off your mouth.This brush offers maximum vibration of up to 40,000 times per minute for that even and effective cleaning that brings you one stroke closer for that dazzling smile you’ve always wanted.

Consistently optimize your brushing habit with this brush’s two-minute auto shut-off timer making sure every part of your teeth gets the same cleaning power but with a quieter sound that won’t wake up your family.

Here are the 3 optional modes that will match any kind of dental condition and oral care regime:

✅Clean: Default vibration frequency of 40,000 times per minute for removing plaque build-up for as early as 14 days.

✅Sensitive: This mode takes the vibration frequency down a notch for a subtle yet equally efficient cleaning for people with sensitive teeth and gums.

✅Massage: Stimulate blood flow in your cheeks and gums through a gentler vibration frequency of Polish mode.

Ditch your old brush and stick with what works! Click Add to Cart NOW and see the difference!

Package includes:

1 x Electric Toothbrush

2 x Extra replacement toothbrush heads

1 x Protective Bristle Cover

1 x USB Charging cable

1 x User manual

POWERFUL SONIC CLEANING -Get the most out of your brushing experience through our sonic technology that provides enhanced brushing thanks to Sboly’s high-speed vibration (40,000 VPM) that unfurls toothpaste towards hard reaching areas for maximum cleaning.
3 OPTIONAL MODES-Sboly knows your needs. This electric toothbrush is suitable to all your dental necessities. Get the most out of your money’s worth with our three optional modes meant to whiten, gently clean, and massage your teeth, cheeks, and gums for well-rounded results.
OPTIMIZED BRUSHING-Sboly’s innovative features provide efficient dental cleaning that removes plaque away more effectively versus manual brushing. Their high-powered vibration frequency ensures heavy-duty cleaning but is subtle enough for your sensitive teeth and gums. An integrated timer will shut off after 2 minutes and pause every 30 seconds reminding to switch the brushing area.
LONG-LASTING & FAST CHARGING-Not all electric toothbrushes are reliable. Some might do their work just fine but fall short whenever you need them. Never miss a brushing with Sboly’s sizable power-capacity that can last up to 30 days in just a single full-charge, and each full charge only needs 4 hours!
PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT -You can now have the best brushing experience anywhere with Sboly’ slight and compact design. This brush is perfect for travellers and wanderlusts with its USB charging cable that’s universally compatible with any plug or USB port. 2 years warranty with 30 days money-back guarantee for any problem.

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