Surge Protector Tower Power Strip Vertical USB Surge Protector 2500w 10A 14 Outlet Plugs with 4 USB Slot and 6 ft Cord Wire Extension Universal Surge Protector for Office&Bedroom

The Extension Board is perfectly made for continuous and heavy usage. Connect more than 6 devices at a time. Made of top quality material to last long. If you use lots of electronic devices then one wall socket is not enough for you, you need an extension board. If your charger wire is not long enough and you want to use the device at some place far then you can buy an extension board.

There are two types of extension board one in which The cord can be rolled into the extension itself. and the other one is in which the cord cannot be wounded into the extension. You can purchase any one of them as per your need.

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Product Description:

Why choose XICHUANG’s Vertical Multi-Socket Surge Protector Electric Charging Station?

1, safe and reliable: because our products have overload protection, lightning protection and surge protection to ensure your safety and equipment

2, safety assurance: with CE, FCC safety certification. Use flame retardant materials + safety ABS

3, multi-socket and multiple USB ports: convenient for your home life and save office space, beautiful .2.1A USB port can quickly charge multiple devices

4, the use of better quality conductive materials: our products use better than pure copper phosphorus, oxidation resistance, hardness, toughness are better than pure copper, improve the product’s stable conductivity and service life, reduce you unnecessary trouble.

5, intimate design: 1 control button per layer, low carbon energy saving. Anti-slip design at the bottom

6, the price is cheap and affordable



Rated voltage: rated voltage 110-250V

Rated current: 10A

Rated power: 1100W (110v), 2500W (250v)

Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ

Material: ABS + fireproof material

USB rated voltage: USB 5V

USB rated current: 2.1A

Cable length: 6 ft / 1.8M

14 sockets + 4 USB ports

There are independent switches and independent indicators.


★★★Safety attention:

Do not touch the socket when the hand is wet 

Do not use the socket in the wet environment

MULTI-SOCKET and USB PORTS: Tower-type vertical surge protector Power board sockets and ports are vertically distributed on four sides, providing enough space for each socket and avoiding the risk of electric shock. 14 sockets are better. To meet your needs, 4 USB ports (rated voltage 5V / rated current 2.1A) can safely and quickly charge multiple mobile phones or tablets, iPad, charging treasure and so on.
SAFE and RELIABLE:The tower vertical surge protector power strip has been passed CE FCC certification.The power socket has lightning protection, overload protection and surge protection.It will automatically cut power to protect connected devices when voltage surge is detected.
PORTABLE DESIGN:The 6 ft cable at the bottom can be retracted counterclockwise or clockwise by rotating the tower to save space; the top has a durable handle for easy carrying; one switch per floor helps save power and makes it easy to control the power board Surge protector.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:Use our tower vertical surge protector power strip to improve work efficiency, improve convenience, save space and save costs.
RELIABLE and DURABLE: The surge protector is made of a safe and durable flame retardant material + ABS. Designed to support 110V~250V, if used at 110V, the maximum power will be 1100W rated power; if used at 250V, the maximum power can reach 2500W rated power. Using higher quality phosphor copper than pure copper as conductive material allows 14 sockets Work with 4 USB slots at the same time without interruption. Repeatedly plugging and unplugging more than 50,000 times,for your use and securit.

If you have any doubts about this product, you can post a comment below, we try to solve the user questions as soon as possible.

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