Suxman Keyboard Cleaner, Mini Portable USB Power Vacuum Cleaner, Computer Keyboard Brush for Cleaning Dust, Hairs, Crumbs, Scraps for Laptop, Computer, Dusk Piano, Car, Pet House

Keeping the Room or things dust free is a very Time consuming work to do, and none of us likes to invest our busy time in just trying to clean our home or your stuff, Vaccum Cleaners are a boon for those who hate to regularly work hard in order to keep things neat. A good vacuum cleaner can reduce your work multi-folds and get you lots of productive time, apart from this they also do a nice work in cleaning anything nicely sucking away all the impurities. Now we are about to talk about a very famous Vaccum cleaner as mentioned in the title.

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Product Description:

Product features:

1.Two different vacuum nozzles allow you to reach the tightest spaces – even the crumbs in your keyboard.
2.Easy to clean, with brush to clean away dust. including, debris, pet hair, they also fall into shwer accessible area.
3.Elegant appearance, compact and flexible. Portable handheld size allows you to take it anywhere you want to clean up.
4.Easy maintenance. Just open the dust collector and take out the filter net, wash it with clean water and then dry it.
5. Strong power and little noise, that’s the must for everyone!


Color: Black
Material: Plastic (Shell ) + Metal ( Motor )
The USB line length: Approx. 1.6 m /5.25 ft
Net Weight: Approx. 177 g
Shipping Weight: Approx. 222 g
Item size(with nozzle): Approx. 209*137*60 mm/ 8.22*5.39*2.36 inch

Warning and Caution:

1.Please take the power supply before you install the filter grid.
2.It needs to be cleaned immediately, because it is too dirty.
3. should be before Next use should be checked if the filter fabric is well installed or broken.
4.Should avoid rain wetting and nearby heating objects such as glass or fire
5.Do not stir liquids.
6.Do not vacuum sharp objects.
7. Do not open the interior for maintenance or repair the internal electrical wiring.
8.If the exhaust becomes weak and abnormal noise occurs, the engine may overheat. Please turn off the power Power switch off, check if the input is blocked and the mains filter is full.
9. If the engine is not working, please check if the power switch is open or not, please make sure there is power.
Portable Vacuum Cleaner: The Portable Mini Vacuum Cleaner not only can be used for mechanical keyboard, gaming keyboard, PC keyboard and computer,but also for other application scenarios, such as sofa cleaning, cabinet cleaning, telephone cleaning, etc.
2 Different Vacuum Nozzles: 2 Different Vacuum Nozzles make the vacuum convenient to use in anywhere you want to clean up. it can be to allow you to reach the tightest spaces; Flat nozzle can inhale little pieces of paper, brush nozzle can dry ash and dust, totally convenient and easy to use.
USB Power Supply: Just need to connect the vacuum to the USB port of your laptop or computer, you can use it directly, but you can also power it via the DC 5V adapter.
Recycling & Easy Care: You can inspect dust bin with transparent material when it is complete. Simply open the dust collector and remove the pickup, rinse with clean water and dry.
Multifunctional: Our multifunctional vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning dust in small gaps, widely used in home, school, office and car interior, great for cleaning dust of keyboard, desktop, laptop, piano, air container’s vent, and dust in small gaps, cigarette ash in the car, bread crumbs & paper scraps on desk, pet hairs, particles in makeup bag, etc.

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