TNP Power Strip with USB Surge Protector – 6 AC Outlet + 4 USB Port Charger Charging Station Power Supply Adapter Multi Socket Plug Powerstrips Bar Stand Tower, Individual Switch, 6FT Extension Cord

The Extension Board is perfectly made for continuous and heavy usage. Connect more than 4 devices at a time. Made of top quality material to last long. If you use lots of devices that run on electricity then one wall socket is not enough for you, you need an extension board. If your charger wire is not long enough and you want to use the device at some place far then you can have an extension board.

There are two types of extension board one in which The cord can be rolled into the extension itself. and the other one is in which the cord cannot be wounded into the extension. You can purchase any one of them as per your need.

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Product Description:

A power strip (also known as an extension block, power board, power bar, plug board, trailing gang, trailing socket, trailer lead and by many other variations) is a block of electrical sockets that attaches to the end of a flexible cable (typically with a mains plug on the other end), allowing multiple electrical devices to be powered from a single electrical socket. Power strips are often used when many electrical devices are in proximity, it distributes AC power to electrical devices such as for audio, video, computer systems, appliances, power tools, and lighting.
The tower brings the power strip to a whole new level. This power strip tower supports 110-250V worldwide voltage power strip with 6 feet power cord suitable for home office travel. Instantly add outlets in your office, warehouse or workshop. It’s typically used in offices, server rooms, data centers, homes and industrial environments where power distribution to several electrical devices is a priority. Some common applications include connecting computers and peripherals, servers and other network equipment, home entertainment systems, as well as workbench power tools.


  • 6x standard 3-prong grounded NEMA 5-15 power outlets with surge protection for homes and offices; 4x USB Charging Ports: Fast and efficient charging for up to 4 devices simultaneously; works with almost all devices requiring 5V charging, 2.4 A max output each, such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet and other USB powered devices


  • Material: ABS fire-resistant material
  • Rated Current: 10A
  • Rated Voltage: 110V~250V
  • Rated Power: 2500W
  • Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  • USB Rated Voltage: 5V
  • USB Max Output: 2.1A
  • Cable: 6 ft
  • Color: Gray & White

Package Content:

  • 1x Power Strip with USB Surge Protector 6 AC Outlet 4 USB Port Charger

Compact handle design with convenient socket rotation function, allows each layer of power outlet to rotate in different directions;
Vertical design allows more space between each outlets;
Energy efficient smart control button: each layer has one individual ON/OFF switch and LED indicator to control four sockets; Save energy and prevents power leakage
Retractable power cord, the power cable can retract into the tower socket base; Portable and space saving features making it convenient for home and office use
Overload Surge Protector: Automatically cuts power to protect connected devices when voltage surge is detected, provides reliable protection for your PCs, laptops, printers, stereo systems, and other home electrics

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