Vinyl Vac 33 – Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit – Record Vacuum Wand for Deep Cleaning (Attaches to Your Vacuum Hose)

Keeping the floor or things shining is a very boring job to do, and none of us love to waste our precious time in just trying to clean our room or your things, Vaccum Cleaners are a stress relief for those who don’t like to regularly work hard in order to keep things clean. A nice vacuum cleaner can ease your work multiple times and get you more of free time, plus they also do a great job in cleaning anything perfectly sucking away all the dirt. Now we are about to explain about a very famous Vaccum cleaner as mentioned in the title.

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Product Description:

THE VINYL VAC 33 – Vacuum Wand for 33rpm Records! THE AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO VACUUM YOUR VINYL RECORDS! You no longer need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to effectively vacuum your record collection! Your turntable stylus while tracing the vinyl groove will encounter dirt, dust and grime that has attached or embedded itself to the vinyl. This results in the pops, clicks, hisses and noise that takes away the premium sound of the vinyl experience. The only way to truly pull the deep down dirt and grime embedded in your vinyl grooves is to lift it off with a vacuum. Vinyl Vac will effectively do just that for a fraction of the price of expensive vinyl vacuum machines. Some vacuum systems out there can cost anywhere from $200 to $4,000. The Vinyl Vac is only $29.97 and will lift the dirt and grime out of those precious vinyl grooves. Vinyl Vac 33 is designed to be used with your wet/dry vac. The Vinyl Vac attaches to any standard vac hose (1.25 or 1.5 inches). Soft velvet around the intake will protect your vinyl while working loose embedded dirt and grime for the vac to lift from the grooves. Also included in your order are two suction reducers that will allow you to better regulate the amount of suction. We recommend the use of a wet/dry vac that is 1.5 hp but not greater than 3 hp.Removes Embedded Dirt and Grime From Record Grooves, Attaches To Your Wet/Dry Vac Hose
Replacement Pads Included! (Soft Velvet Protects Your Vinyl Records)
Two Suction Reducers Included To Allow User To Regulate The Amount of Suction Desired
O Ring Included To Provide A Snug Fit Between Your Vac Hose And The Vinyl Vac
Felt Washer Included To Protect Your Record Labels While Using The Vinyl Vac

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