Wingspan Optics NaturePro HD 8X42 Professional Binoculars for Bird Watching. Experience Vivid Color, Clarity and Brightness Up Close or Far Away. Wide Field of View. Close Focus. Waterproof, Fog Proof

We have all seen and used binoculars, but not many of us really take the initiative and buy one. This is maybe because we don’t have a specific use for the Binoculars and find the urge to buy one only when we are on a vacation, that too on a scenic spot. But there are numorous people who are really serious about their binoculars, among them sports lovers, nature enthusiasts and bird watchers are some. These users are clear about the specifications they need while buying a device. But what about the newbie user? we are here to help those with our Binocular suggestion below. Its a well tested and examined product on which you can lay your trust on.

Wingspan Optics NaturePro HD 8X42 Professional Binoculars for Bird Watching. Experience Vivid Color, Clarity and Brightness Up Close or Far Away. Wide Field of View. Close Focus. Waterproof, Fog Proof

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Product Description:

The Wingspan Optics NaturePro HD 8X42 is the best Bird Watching Binoculars for Adults. Just When You Believed Bird Watching Couldn’t Get Any Better… Introducing the Wingspan Optics NaturePro 8×42 HD Professional Birding Binoculars. The Wingspan Optics NaturePro high power binocular allows you to recognize every color on a small bird at 2 meters away. Get yourself a pair of the best birding binoculars in the market today and experience the difference! See Birds and Wildlife Up Close and Clear Like Never Before! The NaturePro compact high-powered binoculars are revolutionary in their color, clarity, resolution and durability. It carries lightweight fully multi-coated glass lenses with Phase Correction and Clarity Enhancement which will beat out the most expensive binoculars for adults birdwatching binoculars on the market. Equipped with Extra Wide Field of View so when you’re birding, watching wildlife or just a birdwatcher that watches a hummingbird in the backyard, the Wingspan Optics NaturePro binoculars for birdwatchers, empower you to identify and focus in on your target-with speed and precision. Waterproof and FogProof Phase Coated with Close Focus ability! Specifications: POWER – 8x LENS Glasses DIA. – 42mm PRISM – Roof prism BaK4 Eye Relief. – 17.2 FIELD OF VIEW – 430 Ft/1000 Yds MIN.FOCAL LENGTH – 2m DIOPTER SYSTEM – Right eye INTERPUPILLARY DIST. – 56mm~75mm WATER PROOF- 1m/30min NITROGEN FILLED – Yes PHASE COATED – Yes WEIGHT – 1 lbs 6 oz These powerful, bird watching binoculars compact binoculars and birding equipment Include… NECK STRAP – For quick access to your small bird watching binoculars when you’re on the go. NYLON MESH Adult CARRYING CASE – To keep your bird watching equipment safe wherever you travel. EYEPIECE AND LENS COVERS. MICROFIBER LENS CLEANING CLOTH. Tripod and Harness capable. Formerly Polaris Optics binoculars. Great backyard bird watching binoculars. The best in large or small birding binoculars. Great for bird watching gifts.World Class HD Sharpness and Color Fidelity – Step up to spectacular viewing! NaturePro HD Professional Bird Watching Binoculars delivers a Ultra Sharp, Clear, Bright, True Color Image, close up or far away.
Spend Hours Of Relaxing Bird Watching – These Ultra Comfort HD Ergonomic Binoculars with an Easy-Turn Focus Wheel makes it easy to enjoy HOURS of Relaxing Bird Watching.
Close Focus with Extra-Wide Field Of View – The NaturePro HD Bird Watching Binoculars gives you the best of both worlds. Close Focus allows you to get so close you can capture every color and detail on a Hummingbird. And the Wide View lets you capture a fast moving Peregrine Falcon in seconds.
Protection From The Extreme Outdoors – NaturePro Professional Bird Watching Binoculars are WATERPROOF, FOG PROOF, DROP PROOF with an ANTI-SLIP GRIP for added protection.
No Risk, No Worry! – Your NaturePro HD Professional Binoculars come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, Plus a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, just in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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