YANG-YANG Professional Series Lightweight High Modulus Graphite Badminton Racket (Vital Material for Strength&Shock Absorption reducing Muscle Injury) w/Carrying Bag (Unstrung, PRO: BZ-701)

The selection of the best suitable badminton is based upon the power of your wrist muscle. If your wrist muscle is loose then you must go for a lightweight Badminton Racquet and if you have a rigid wrist muscle then you must go for heavy Badminton Racquets. If you make the wrong choice then you may develop many bad habits. You will tend to use more arm movements rather than your wrist to hit the shuttle if your wrist muscle is not strong enough. It is highly {recommended|endorse|commended| to get an expert advice before you buy any racquet for yourself.

Racquet Grip is the other main factor that you must look before buying. Players that tend to play real or for a long time go for a stronger grip. Most experts recommend to usually prefer a smaller grip so that the racket is easier to turn in their hands. The best racquet with all the above function is mentioned below.

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Product Description:

YANG YANG was founded with the intent to design and develop superior equipment at versatile and affordable prices, and we believed we have done just that after over 20 years of perseverance and dedication! As a renowned brand worldwide, YANG YANG established YANG YANG USA as its secondary headquarter in North America, proudly serving the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

With many years of experience and revolutionary technology, the finest materials and craftsmanship, YANG YANG introduces its next generation of excellence: YOUNG. YOUNG was founded with the sole intent to serve the wider community of sports enthusiasts through the eye of fashion and future.

We are an advocate of building Quality Equipment for Striving Athletes!

That goes without saying with our high modulus full graphite badminton rackets for striving junior or professional players:

  • High modulus graphite on the entire one-piece racket which includes frame and shaft
    • Graphite is a vital material for badminton racket because of its lightweight, yet strong material with high shock absorption, but it is expensive
    • Some manufacturers cut corners by mixing steel or aluminum frame with graphite shaft
    • Heavier material like steel or aluminium is much cheaper, but it is heavier with minimum to no shock absoption causing high possibility of muscle injury especially with a starter or junior
    • YANG-YANG rackets are all one piece (no joint) and made out of 100% high modulus graphite at all ranges
  • We offer 24, 30 or 40-ton graphite in our entry, intermediate and professional series. The tonnage in graphite is the pulling stiffness which allows the racket to be strung at between 23-35lb without concern of breaking frame; the higher the tonnage, the higher the allowable tension
  • Our rackets weigh 4U (84-88g) and our SUPER LIGHT series weigh 6U (74-78g). All rackets come in G2 grip size (most common)QUALITY MATERIAL. Racket frame & shaft is made of ONE PIECE 100% HIGH MODULUS GRAPHITE without any built-in T-joint or connector between the frame & shaft. It is recommended to start with 100% graphite racket even at starter or junior level due to its lightweight, strength & high shock absorption characteristics which help reducing the possibility of common muscle injuries (ie: tennis/badminton elbow). High tonnage graphite allows racket to withstand 23-35lb tension without concern of breaking
    TECHNOLOGY. Engineered with specialty material like titanium, woven, kevlar and etc, YANG-YANG rackets feature high restorability, anti-torsion, greater elasticity and grip, incredible vibration resistance, as well as excellent performance of light weight, strength and flexibility. Rackets are rated Entry, Intermediate or Professional based on its graphite tonnage and specialty technology
    LIGHTWEIGHT. Racket weighs 4U (84-88g) or SUPER LIGHT series only weigh 6u (74-78g) with G2 grip size (most common). Racket flex contributes to optimum weight distribution is rated Super Light, Flexible or Stiff. Super Light rackets promote rapid reaction times and fast racket speeds; while stiffer flex promotes harder hits with minimum vibration
    PLAYABILITY is based on racket features and material. The playability of YANG-YANG rackets is highlighted for Single, Double game or both combined with Control/Speed play or Attacking
    WHAT IS INCLUDED: 100% HIGH MODULUS GRAPHITE badminton racket, full cover carrying bag, string (depends on selection: Strung or Unstrung), standard grip

    If you have any confusions about this product, you can leave a comment below, we try to solve the user questions as soon as possible.

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