Yonex AS-20 Shuttlecocks

The best shuttle to play badminton game are mentioned here. The recovery speed is just 0.02 seconds when smashed. It is the most light shuttlecocks you will ever come across. This shuttlecock is designed in a way to soak up maximum damage and long reliability. The combination of close-to-feather system makes shuttlecock flight performance five to six times more reliability than an standard nylon shuttlecock.

If you are looking to buy a durable product that can last up to 20-30 games then a set of these would be a great suggestion. The Shuttle Cock is the perfect fit forany storage so that you don’t have to buy any case for it.

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Product Description:

The Yonex AS-20 Shuttlecock is a tournament shuttle. Goose Feather. Medium speed. Priced per dozen.Grain: 77
Color: White
12 shuttles per tube

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